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About ISMT COllege

Why ISMT ?

Why Study BTEC  BSc.IT, and BHM at ISMT College?

The changing world of the 21st century has a dire need for industry-relevant education. The education that prepares students to take initiation and demonstrate responsibilities in identifying, analyzing, and solving problems and can work in teams and make decisions in complex and unpredictable contexts and, most importantly, prepare them to be lifelong learners.

Today the employers can choose employees from across the world, it is clear that the future competitiveness of students depends on the quality of education they receive. 

Considering these realities, ISMT offers internationally recognized degrees (BSc. (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering, BBA and BHM in collaboration with Pearson BTEC and The University of Sunderland, UK. The same courses (Pearson BTEC) are taught in Colleges and Universities in the UK and in other 173 countries. It is proven that these qualifications raise the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of its graduates so that they stand at the front line in the competitive market. This qualification is equivalent to the second year of a three-year university degree course. 

Thus, students who have achieved an HND can complete their Bachelor’s degree by enrolling directly to the third in a University. Actually, students have plenty of options ahead of them. They can complete their bachelor's degree at ISMT Nepal or can have their credit transferred to one of thousand Universities in Australia, USA, UK, Canada New Zealand or many more. 

Further, there are several visible reasons to study at ISMT college;

  • ISMT has a "Placement and Internship Cell " to help its students and graduates for placement and internships. They also arrange a range of activities and events that help students develop their industry relevant personal and professional skill set. For example, we sent HM Graduates to China, Malaysia and Dubai to gain industry experience in relevant Hospitality Business.  We arrange or facilitate internship opportunities to interested Computing and IT graduates or students to relevant IT companies.  
  • The college has in its resource pool of (overseas) lecturers, entrepreneurs, professionals and visiting professors who bring with them a wealth of experience backed up with academic excellence.  
  • The college provides all the resources such as libraries, E-library, computer labs and sports facilities.   
  • The faculty members are also selected from highly qualified subject experts, gifted lecturers with an invaluable fusion of teaching practice and current professional experience in relevant subject areas. 

By default, we are conscious of the demands and the challenges that the global market is placing on graduates, and we are committed to responding to these challenges by delivering cost-effective, relevant, and internationally recognized academic programs. Certainly, receiving qualification from ISMT offers fantastic opportunities in the growing and exciting corporate world.